About Us

JONER CO. for Herbs and Spices targeting to be one of the top leading companies in Egypt for Processing & exporting of Herbs, Spices, Aromatic seeds

– We have been working from 1982 in these products, and of course, we are a mixed teamwork from first and second generation,

So you can imagine our wide experience in products quality specifications, analysis, cleaning & packaging beside our experience in studying market prices and the best time to buy.

  • Over the years we were dealing in the local market, and after gain wide experience in processing and cleaning raw materials, we decided to start exporting our products to worldwide at 2016.
  • So, Joner is very promising company targeting to be from the biggest Companies in the field of exporting Spices and Herbs, Aromatic seeds
  • We have new modern processing machines line, to can comply with our customers demand in with best quality accord
  • Joner Co. For Herbs & Spices is located in Benisuef _Egypt, the heart of the most cultivate of herbs and spices in Egypt ,and our office located in Cairo, and we deal in Sun-dried & Machine-dried products (dehydration at our Own Factory in BeniSuef,  also dealing in non-organic (conventional) and also organic Herbs & Spices certified by (QCA) .

JonerCo. for Herbs & Spices has been certified with Quality Certificate (ISO 9001/2015).

We have committed our selves over years to achieve the highest standers of qualities and conformity with precise specifications at the demand of the market and main reason helping us to achieve that is that we have our own farms (cultivate, harvesting, drying, Processing & sifting, packing and then exporting) so our most products exported are fresh cropped with good colors and high content of essential oils.

Also, we are committed with Honesty and Trust Policy.

– Sure you are welcome to visit us to see our factories and facilities.


Honestly and Trust Policy.